What You Can Do When You Can’t Get To The Dentist

Tooth pain is a nightmare.  For those that suffer from anything to do with their teeth, the need for emergency dental services los angeles becomes a real issue.  The question becomes however, what can we do when we can’t get to the dentist?


One thing that you can do is take some warm water and dissolve salt in it.  When the salt is dissolved swish it around in your mouth.  The salt will dry out your mouth killing some of the bacteria.  When doing this, make sure that you don’t swallow the water but rather spit it out into the sink.


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One thing that I have found to help with your soar teeth is to use oregano.  Taking a pinch or two of oregano and putting it in and around your tooth that hurts.  When you have it around your soar tooth, the natural oils in the oregano will seep into your teeth and gums numbing the pain. 

Rub your gums

Taking your fingers, you can rub your gums.  This will help massage your soar areas and allowing more blood flow to help heal the area.  When rubbing your gums try using your index finger in a circular motion.  This has done the most for me.

Preventative care

With all of the above options the best line of defense is to engage in preventative care.  To help prevent teeth issues you want to engage in oral hygiene tactics.  The first and most basic is to brush your teeth.  From there flossing and using mouthwash will help ensure that your teeth are well taken care of.  From there avoid foods that could contain acids and sugars that could eat away at the enamel of your teeth. 

Tooth pain is something that we never want to deal with, so taking the time to clean your teeth and see the dentist will help keep your oral heath clean.