Three Commonly Abused Drugs

St. Johns, like many other cities and towns in America, has its fair share of drug problems. People of all ages and backgrounds find themselves battling addiction, oftentimes after an accident causes the need for prescription painkillers or other medications. Luckily, substance abuse treatment saint johns is available to anyone battling a drug addiction. It is the first step in recovery. While it’s never easy, it’s always worth the effort.

Dozens of different types of drugs cause addiction, abuse, and other problems for St. Johns residents. Three of the most commonly abused drugs in the area include:

1.    Heroin: Heroin is a powerful drug that is injected, smoked, or snorted. It causes the user to nod-off and just one use may result in an addiction or even an overdose. It is one of the most commonly abused drugs affecting people in St. John.

2.    Prescription Drug: Prescription drugs prescribed after accidents, injuries, etc. can lead to disaster, as they often do. There is an opioid crisis in St. John and it is affecting so many lives. Of course, opioids are only one of the many types of prescription drugs abused by individuals.

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3.    Methamphetamines: Meth is another commonly abused drug that is causing destruction for people and families. It is extremely dangerous to both make and use, and usually results in addiction after the first time.  A meth addict oftentimes resorts to rock bottom ideas simply to maintain their high.

If you are battling an addiction to one of the drugs above or any others, substance abuse treatment provides the help needed to get on the right track and maintain a drug-free life. It is up to you to make the first call and be willing to take the help that is offered. Drug addiction certainly destroys lives. Do not become another victim when help is there to get you on the right path.